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I just woke up at 4:30 am and its freezing here in New England... Really need coffee ... something hot, light with cream and sugar to start the day or maybe a Chai Latte. I recently heard one of my college friends Ibabeu is married.. Congrats!

I am off to go find coffee and meditation.

2012 winding down...

I want to wish all my friends on Livejournal a Happy holidays and a Happy New year. I have to say this year we had our laughs, our tears, and chaos that has happen on multiple levels. I have come to realize I am a stronger person from all the events in my life that has been news related and also effect me personally. The plus side is there is an amazing support of friends and family that has help me.

May 2013 turn to be for the better with good health, prosperity and less chaos.

Cross roads

Life has become more of a challenge in not knowing what the outcome will be. I am sorry for so many things that I can't explain... and it sucks.


Glancing at Livejournal it dawns on me that people rarely post on it... I guess its my chance to express myself without being bombarded with a fb comment/LIKE or a tweet response. Life has under went a realm where pandora's box was open and things came flying out... I feel like one of the characters from The Joy Luck Club having to prove my worth.... or wonder if I am worthy... Its a long story but I am keeping zen with myself as its the only way too.

What's new ...

I have to say my posts on lj have been scares... I guess to much has been going on in life to keep with blogging about it. Currently I have been out of work due to hurting myself and ended up with a torn muscle in my lower back which is a slow recovery process.

On a more positive note I have been checking out a few podcasts from two groups The Incompetent Comic Cabal at www.comiccabal.com and Death of Comics at www.deathofcomics.com. The guys provide their feedback on comic books and other topics. I recommend to listen to this when kids are not around as it gets little NC-17. Both podcast groups have been quite enjoyable and amusing... I started to check out a couple of more after wards but I have to say these two groups are my favorites by for the knowledge and humor.

I did get out on Free Comic Book Day and see the guys at IC3 Richie's Comicbook Canbana which I have to say is a pretty awesome comic book shop... The owner and the others were nice to chat with in comparison to the local comic book shop in our neck of the woods which has snub us a couple of times.

Daily update...

Its the start of a new month and I hope it goes better then last month. I generally don't post a whole lot these days as I work that late shift and get home some time after everyone is sleeping. Work has been stressful in keeping pace with the changes which is making me wonder if I should find a new profession.. I enjoy doing technical support but am feeling worned out and wonder if my brain needs to be replace with a v-chip so I can be the perfect drone bee.

Happy Beltane

Yes, its May 1 .... Happy Beltane to my friends.

Happy Thanksgiving

Wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.. May you be with your love ones who keep the bond together. Larryboy and I had a little gathering with his dad, stepmom, sister, nephew and friend R. We made a pretty good turkey with fixings and the gang brought desert... Wow, there is still lots of desert.

This morning I found out from my brother via text that our great uncle passed away this morning... Harry you will be missed by family, friends and colleagues.... R.I.P...

Friday night movie possibility

We are considering in checking out Zombieland which looks like some fun seneless violence with Zombies...

a trailer is here http://us.imdb.com/video/imdb/vi2657944089/

And options are Cinemark or near our home at Entertainment Cinemas...

Cinemark showings are

7:40 pm and 10:25 pm.. I will have to times for Entertainment is currently down so I will post it tomorrow.

Health care

No one should die because they cannot afford health care, and no one should go broke because they get sick. If you agree, please post this as your status for the rest of the day.


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